A Dance of Fire and Ice

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3.9 (19 Reviews)

"A Dance of Fire and Ice" is a strict one-button rhythm game developed by 7th Beat Games. In this game, players control two orbiting planets as they travel down a winding path. The game is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and HTML5.

The gameplay of "A Dance of Fire and Ice" is simple yet challenging. Players must tap in rhythm to advance their planets on the tiles of different sizes that correspond to the sound of the music. The game features camera changes, rhythm variations, and turns that require players to maintain their concentration to complete each level in a single attempt.

"A Dance of Fire and Ice" has received positive reviews from players and critics alike. On Steam, the game has a "Very Positive" rating with over 52,000 reviews. The full version of the game includes levels that have become legendary and some players, specialists in rhythm games, such as Jo Future or Gamma Loop hold world records that took months of training to achieve.

In conclusion, "A Dance of Fire and Ice" is a unique and engaging rhythm game that is sure to provide hours of entertainment for players of all skill levels. If you're a fan of rhythm games or looking for a new challenge, be sure to check out "A Dance of Fire and Ice"! You can buy A Dance of Fire and Ice on Steam! to discover all the richness of the full version of the game.

Space or Left Click.

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