Achilles II Origin of a Legend

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5.0 (1 Reviews)
“Achilles II: Origin of a Legend” is an engaging and action-packed game that invites you to step into the sandals of a mighty warrior, Achilles. This game delves into the origins of this legendary figure, known for his prowess in battle and unwavering quest for freedom and peace.

The game is a violent side view fighting game where you battle against five different armies. The combat is intense and visceral, with players able to cut enemies in half, decapitate them, impale them on spears, and even kick heads at them. Each level concludes with a skilled boss to beat, each with their own unique fighting moves, appearance, voice, and death animation.

“Achilles II: Origin of a Legend” is more than just a game; it’s a heroic journey that will go down in history. Embark on this gripping adventure and make your mark in the annals of legend.

Movement = WASD
Swipe / Stab = K
Kick = L
Pause = P

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