Age of War 2

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“Age of War 2” is a captivating mix of defense and strategy game. The primary goal is to destroy the enemy base while safeguarding your own. Players can construct turrets for defense and deploy units for attacks against the enemy. The game introduces an intriguing twist where players can evolve and unlock new units and defense mechanisms.

The game takes players on a journey through different warfare ages, starting from the Stone Age with dinosaurs, stone, meteor showers, and cavemen. The objective in all ages is to demolish the enemy’s base using your units. To achieve this, players must train and strengthen their units while also setting up effective defenses with turrets and walls as the enemies are also trying to destroy your base.

Players earn XP and gold coins by defeating enemies, which can be spent on upgrades, weapons, and units. Upon accumulating enough XP, players can evolve to the next civilization. The game features seven unique ages of war and 29 units to train, including Assault Spartans, Knights, Mages, Cannons, Grenade Soldiers, and many more.

“Age of War 2” offers four different difficulty modes, allowing players to start from an easy level and gradually progress to the hardest one. The game boasts 2D graphics and special powers, adding to the overall gaming experience.

Enjoy the intense side-scrolling battle game as you advance through the eras, each with unique units and a special ability. Good luck and have fun!

Interact = Left Click.

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