Anime Battle 4

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Anime Battle 4 is a game where you can play as anime heroes. You play 3 game modes: Solo, Practice, and 2 Players. In solo mode, you can fight 1 vs 1 and 1 vs 3 against a computer. You can practice your fighting skills in practice mod. If you want to play with your friends , you can choose CO-OP 2P and fight against computers or you can choose 1P vs 2P and fight against your friends. Have Fun!

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Player 1 Controls:
Movement = A and D.
Defend = S.
Attack = J.
Jump = K.
Dodge = L.
Use Special Skills = U, I, O.
Player 2 Controls:
Movement = Left and Right Arrow Keys.
Defend = Down Arrow Key.
Attack = 1.
Jump = 2.
Dodge = 3.
Use Special Skills = 4,5,6.

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