Ben 10 Omniverse: Galactic Champions

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Welcome to oldest and most played Ben 10 game, Ben 10 Omniverse: Galactic Champions. Its popularity is well deserved since it is incredibly intriguing and beautifully created. With a wide range of adventures and levels, this game features all the aliens. Each of them will be there to help you with a unique range of skills and attacks.


Your role is to pick an alien, train him, and learn his moves and strategies. Then you can engage in a series of fights against other aliens. This is a turn-based game, meaning you and your opponent will take turns performing various actions against each other.


Choose an attack move to perform. The inflicted damage and the required energy points will vary depending on your choice. For instance, a Basic Attack won't consume any energy points, but it will not deal too much damage either. On the other hand, a Special Attack is more powerful, but it will also cost you.


Use this option to defend against your opponent's next attack. At the same time, this action will also recharge your energy level. This is how you can gather energy points for a new Special Attack.


There are several power-ups you can buy from the Shop. With this option, you can use one when needed. For instance, you can regenerate your life points during a battle.


With every battle you win, you'll receive points that you can later use to train your aliens or buy power-ups from the Shop. At the same time, your Hero level will also increase, so you'll get more life and energy points! Are you ready to accept this challenge and become one of the legends in the Omniverse? Let's see if your skills are up to par.

Left Click.

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