Big Shot Boxing

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3.9 (9 Reviews)

Big Shot Boxing is a captivating online game that has won the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts. The game, developed by Colin Lane Games, offers an immersive boxing experience that is both fun and challenging.


The gameplay of Big Shot Boxing is straightforward yet engaging. Players start by choosing a fighter and hiring a coach. They then learn moves and strategies to outsmart their opponents in the ring. The game allows players to hit their opponents with a jab, cross, or uppercut while keeping their guard up. Players can also throw out a nice combination to stun their opponents.

Training and Strategy

Big Shot Boxing offers various ways for players to train their fighters. The fight strategy is entirely up to the players. They can choose to go toe-to-toe and try to knock everyone out, or they can prefer a more conservative approach and like fighting from outside. The game also allows players to collect new characters and customize their fighters' stats in whatever way they wish.


Big Shot Boxing is more than just an arcade boxing game. It offers a casual gaming experience with depth, making it a must-try for all boxing game enthusiasts. Its simplicity, fun gameplay, and engaging strategy make it a knockout choice for gamers.

Jab = Right Arrow Key.
Cross = Left Arrow Key.
Block = Z.
Cross = X.

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