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Description: is an immersive online game that offers a variety of engaging game modes, each providing a unique gaming experience.

Game Modes

  • Survival Mode: A sandbox game mode where Player vs Player (PvP) is enabled. Players have the freedom to explore the infinite open world, engage in combat, and partake in various activities.

  • Peaceful Mode: Similar to Survival, this is a sandbox game mode where players can mine, build, and explore an infinite open world. However, PvP is disabled in this mode, providing a more relaxed gaming experience.

  • Creative Mode: This mode allows players to unleash their creativity. From pixel arts to giant structures, players can build anything they want. Flying is also enabled in this mode.

  • Bedwars: This is a teamwork PvP game where players battle their opponents on islands in the sky. The objective is to protect your bed and try to destroy your opponents' beds to prevent them from respawning.

  • Greenville: In this mode, players have to work for a living. They can buy houses, go to the market, mine, and participate in various activities to earn coins.

  • OneBlock: This mode starts players on one block floating in the sky. The player then has to dig up the same block for different materials, which generates in its place each time the block is dug up.

  • EvilTower: This mode features a tower made of randomly generated levels. Players can buy powerups using XP and coins to help them climb the tower.

  • BloxdHop: This is a parkour game mode with various maps. Players can buy powerups and gain coins by standing on the checkpoint.

  • DoodleCube: This is a build battle game mode where players can participate in build competitions with varied themes.

  • CubeWarfare: This is a First-Person Shooter (FPS) game mode. Players can choose from six guns upon respawning and can buy powerups. Points are lost upon death.

  • Murder Mystery: This is a survival game mode where the objective is to survive and kill the murderer. Innocents can either survive or collect ten moonstones to get a gun to kill the murderer.

With its Minecraft-like graphics and diverse game modes, offers a unique and exciting gaming experience for all players.

Move = WASD Keys.
Jump = Space.
Shift = Run.
Aim = Move Mouse.
Build = Right Click.
Select Item = 1 - 8.

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