Body Drop 3D

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5.0 (4 Reviews)

Body Drop 3D is a unique game that offers a realistic simulation of a body falling. The game's advantage lies not only in its physics but also in the realistic behavior of the character, his animations, and the visually appealing graphics.


The game is literally about causing a body to drop down. Despite the slow pace of this game, it is connected to Action games. The game prides itself on providing a practical simulation of the physique falling. The experience is not only about physics but also about the realistic behavior of the character and his animations.


Body Drop 3D offers many levels to keep the players engaged. Each level presents a new challenge, making the game highly replayable.


Overall, Body Drop 3D is an excellent game that is well worth checking out. Its addictive gameplay, stunning graphics, and high replayability make it a must-play for anyone who enjoys casual games. Whether you're looking to kill some time or you're a serious gamer looking for a challenge, Body Drop 3D is definitely worth your time.

Launch the Balls = Left Click.
Rotate the Camera = Right Click.
Zoom In / Out = Mouse Wheel.

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