Bomb It 2

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Bomb It 2 is the thrilling follow-up to this captivating arcade series, drawing inspiration from the classic and beloved Bomberman game. In this engaging title, players navigate intricate maps filled with obstacles and platforms, deploying their lethal explosives to eliminate adversaries.

Building upon the success of its predecessor, Bomb It 2 introduces an array of exhilarating new game modes. To excel in this explosive adventure, strategize your bomb placements carefully, ensuring you always have an escape route to avoid self-destruction. Additionally, master the art of trapping rival players in corners, leaving them with no means of evading your explosive onslaught. With its dynamic gameplay, this game promises endless hours of entertainment as you race around maps, planting bombs with precision.


  • Release Date: Originally launched in September 2008, updated in March 2018 for mobile playability.

  • Developer: Spil Games

  • Key Features:

    • Four exhilarating game modes

    • Engage in multiplayer mayhem with up to four players on a single map

    • Challenge your friends in local multiplayer matches

    • Explore six diverse maps, each with its unique challenges

    • Discover an array of power-ups to enhance your gameplay

  • Supported Platforms: Compatible with web browsers on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of players.

Player 1:
Movement = WASD Keys.
Drop the Bomb = Space.
Player 2:
Movement = Arrow Keys.
Drop the Bomb = Enter.

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