Brawl Stars Simulator

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Unleash the Power of Brawlers

Embark on a journey to unlock and amplify an array of captivating Brawlers! Elevate their prowess as you ascend through levels and amass an assortment of captivating skins.

Triumph through the Trophy Road

Embark on your Trophy Road expedition, boasting a treasure trove of more than 150 illustrious rewards! Garner trophies to forge ahead into novel leagues, reaping rewards along the way. Accumulate trophies by prying open crates and triumphing in mini-modes.

Journey with the Brawl Pass

Embrace the allure of the Brawl Pass, teeming with over 140 enthralling rewards! Embrace daily-evolving quests that propel you forward. Conquer the Brawl Pass, gather tokens, and unveil exclusive treasures that remain concealed from others.

Dominate the Leaderboards

Immerse yourself in riveting competition alongside genuine players across diverse echelons! Ascend to the apex of the global leaderboard, asserting your supremacy amidst a worldwide array of contenders.

Daily Windfalls Await

Embark on a daily sojourn into the game, greeted by exclusive bonuses meticulously designed to catalyze your journey towards unparalleled heights of achievement.

Furthermore, Encounter Mini-Modes

Engage in an exhilarating array of mini-modes, including the likes of Brawlman, where strategic point accumulation and vigilant evasion of adversaries pave the way for lasting endurance!

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