Break Bricks

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Destroy bricks by throwing a ball in this game. Each cube touched by the ball will be destroyed. There are different shapes to encounter in each section. In single-player mode, you have three lives, while in the two-player mode, you compete against your opponent for five rounds. Throughout the game, you'll come across three bonuses to help you. One bonus increases the number of balls, another generates three new balls, and the third fills up your Health Bar. Try to catch these bonuses. Click the "1 player" button to play alone or the "2-Player" button to play with friends. You can also enjoy the endless mode for free play. Have hours of fun in this 3D brick-breaking game. Let's play!

Single Player Movement: Left & Right Arrow Keys.

2 Player Mode:
Player 1 Movement: A / D Keys.
Player 2 Movement: Left & Right Arrow Keys.

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