Cactus McCoy

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Cactus McCoy is an action-packed side-scrolling adventure game that follows the story of McCoy, a treasure hunter who's been transformed into a walking, talking cactus. Set in a vibrant Wild West-inspired world, players guide our prickly protagonist through treacherous terrains, bustling towns, and mysterious caves.

Armed with an array of weapons and his newfound cactus abilities, McCoy battles against the nefarious Hex Hatfield and his gang of outlaws. Players must fight off enemies, solve puzzles, and collect treasures while searching for a way to break the cactus curse.

Key Features:

  • Engaging storyline with humorous dialogue

  • Multiple levels with diverse environments

  • Wide variety of weapons and power-ups

  • Challenging boss battles

  • Upgrade system to enhance McCoy's abilities

  • Hidden treasures and secret areas to discover

With its unique blend of action, platforming, and light RPG elements, Cactus McCoy offers a refreshing twist on the classic Western adventure. Saddle up and embrace your inner cactus in this thorny tale of redemption and treasure hunting!

Movement: Arrow keys
Jump: A
Attack: S (use fists or weapons)
Pick up a weapon: Down arrow key
Drop a weapon: D

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