Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure

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“Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure” is a survival driving game set in the pit of a fiery volcano. You navigate through 2D levels in your mobile fossil, evading enemies and traps. The objective is to collect rubies, which you can spend on upgrades for your vehicle to make it stronger for the next level.

Each level begins with a wheel spin that rewards up to 3 temporary power-ups. You drive your car through each level, avoiding obstacles, picking up bonuses, and destroying enemies with bombs. If your health hits zero, it’s game over.

In the garage, there are extensive upgrades available for your skeleton-on-wheels. You can use the red rubies you pick up through each level to buy them. You can upgrade the armor, speed, boosts, and attack damage. You can also add new gadgets and bombs to help you eliminate your volcano-dwelling foes. Have Fun!

Movement = WASD
Use Bombs = Space
Turbo = Z / X

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