Crazy for Speed

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Experience the adrenaline rush with Crazy for Speed, a thrilling driving game that lets you unleash the power of your car, perform breathtaking stunts, and leave a trail of chaos in your wake. Explore the game's immersive world as you hunt for concealed car upgrades, including hoods, bumpers, spoilers, sideskirts, and fenders. Master the art of street racing and drift like a pro while evading relentless police pursuits. Crazy for Speed offers two exciting gameplay modes: Solo Mode for solitary adventures and Online Mode for multiplayer thrills. Whether you choose to conquer the streets alone or challenge a friend, get ready for an exhilarating journey filled with action and excitement!

W / up arrow = accelerate
S / down arrow = brake / move backward
A / left arrow = turn left
D / right arrow key = turn right
R = reset car position
C = camera view
L = headlamp
M = map
P = pause
Left-click = interact with in-game buttons

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