Crush Time

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5.0 (1 Reviews)
Crush Time is an exciting multiplayer game where players strive to become the most powerful crusher. The game is filled with thrilling missions that players need to complete in order to upgrade their skills. The gameplay involves gathering food and stomping on other players to grow bigger and increase crushing power. As players grow, they become stronger, enabling them to defeat their opponents more easily.

One of the unique features of Crush Time is the ability to gather keys to unlock a special squad of characters. This adds an extra layer of strategy and fun to the game. Players must navigate the game arena, collecting every food item along the way and doing whatever it takes to collect the magic keys.

The game also offers a variety of exciting missions where players can eat delicious fruits and vegetables, improve their skills, and jump over enemies to crush them mercilessly. The ultimate goal is to evolve non-stop, climb to the top of the food chain, and leave no opponents alive.

Crush Time offers an action-packed gaming experience with constant player interaction, skill upgrades, and special characters. It’s a game that keeps evolving, offering a thrilling and ever-changing gaming experience. Enjoy playing Crush Time!

Move = Move Mouse.
Jump = Left Click.
Sprint = Right Click.

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