Darkness In Spaceship

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3.8 (4 Reviews)
Embark on a thrilling journey into the future with "Darkness In Spaceship," a gripping game set in a time when Earth is no longer viable, forcing humanity to seek refuge in colossal spaceships. Assume the role of a special agent residing in the spaceship named Light, facing a sudden onslaught from relentless enemies. These foes unleash monstrous creatures within the ship and follow up with ruthless robot soldiers, posing a grave threat to your people. Engage in intense action horror gameplay, navigating through a visually stunning and atmospheric sci-fi environment. Experience an entertaining yet straightforward narrative, complemented by impressive graphics that enhance the overall gaming immersion. Unleash your heroics, destroy the enemies, and ensure the salvation of your people in this epic sci-fi adventure.

Movement = WASD
Shoot = Left Click
Aim = Right Click
Run = Shift
Change Weapons = Mouse Wheel

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