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Description: is a captivating multiplayer racing game that allows you to race on tracks built by other players.

In, you can compete with other players on custom tracks created by the DashCraft community. Every opponent you face is the ghost of another player who has finished racing around the track. Your goal is to beat their time and climb up the leaderboard!

But the fun doesn’t stop at racing. also lets you unleash your creativity by building your own custom tracks. The game provides various track pieces and props to help you construct epic and wild tracks. You can add boosters, ramps, checkpoints, and pilons to your road pieces to make the competition even more exciting.

The game offers an excellent selection of cars to drive. If you’re in the mood for some freestyle driving, you can roam around the arena performing loops, jumps, and other stunts.

The game is actively updated, so you can look forward to new features and improvements. Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or a creative builder, has something for everyone. So buckle up, start your engines, and join the DashCraft community today!

Movement = WASD Keys.

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