Dino Transport Truck

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In Dino Transport Truck Simulator, you experience the thrill of transporting ancient creatures. As a skilled truck driver, you are tasked with delivering these awe-inspiring dinosaurs safely to their destination. The game is set in a captivating offroad environment, and it will challenge your precision and driving skills as you navigate through rough terrains under different conditions.

Be mindful of the cargo – sudden brakes can be dangerous. To progress through levels, you need to deliver your dinosaur cargo intact within the allotted time.

The game is not about speed; steady and careful driving is rewarded. You need to understand the dynamics of offroad driving, keep an eye on the road, and anticipate bumps. Be patient, especially on tight turns; they can be deceptive!

The game offers multiple unique levels, each presenting new challenges and environments. You can choose from three game modes for varied gameplay: Practice, Time Trial, and Survival mode. Each mode provides a different experience, adding to the game’s replayability.

In summary, Dino Transport Truck Simulator is a fun and challenging game that combines elements of driving simulation with the excitement of transporting prehistoric creatures.

Drive = WASD / Arrow Keys

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