Disc Us

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Disc Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game that has taken the gaming world by storm. This game, which draws inspiration from the popular game, Among Us, offers different mechanisms and interesting gameplay styles that keep players engaged and entertained.


In Disc Us, the game isn't over until it's truly over. If you get killed, you respawn in the center hub. If you get voted out, you can still get back in the game by convincing other players to use the key to open your jail.

Traitor Disc

If you are assigned as a Traitor Disc, your goal is to stop other players from completing their tasks. You can move Oxygen Tanks away from the Oxygen Floor and/or hide them. You can also kill them repeatedly by transforming into a disc by pressing the space bar button. Additionally, you can move Orbs away from their rooms to make it more difficult for them. But be careful not to get caught or arouse suspicion.


If you are assigned as Scientists, your task is to quickly bring the objects to their proper places. Orbs go to the top room, Oxygen Hub in the center square floor space. Be cautious when your O2 count goes down as Traitor Disc can still move them out of the floor area. The trash (banana peel) goes to the trash vents located in every farside/corner rooms. Orb Pedestals are already in the room where the orbs are. Put them there and it will be secured, Traitor Discs won't be able to take them out.


Disc Us offers a unique twist on social deduction games with its innovative gameplay mechanics and engaging multiplayer experience. Whether you're a Traitor Disc trying to sabotage the mission or a Scientist working to complete tasks, Disc Us promises a fun and thrilling gaming experience for all.

Move = WASD / Arrow Keys.
Interact = Space.

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