Door and Rooms

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5.0 (4 Reviews)
Doors and Rooms is an exciting scary game that takes you to a mysterious and secret world. Your job is to explore as many rooms as possible, even the dark corners. But be careful, there are monsters that will chase you and try to stop you.

To stay alive, you need to think quickly and use your brain to find a way out of deadly traps and escape from creepy creatures. If you've played Roblox in Doors mode before, it will be easier for you. One of the monsters is really dangerous, and the only way to escape from it is to hide in the closet. Be cautious and use everything you can to survive in this scary place.

Will you be able to explore all the rooms and escape from this gloomy place alive? Test yourself in Doors and Rooms and discover how far you can survive in extreme conditions.

Movement = WASD Keys.
Use = E.
Pause = Esc.

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