Doors Craft

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3.3 (3 Reviews)
Step into the eerie world of Doors Craft, an immersive horror escape game that will send shivers down your spine! Navigate through 100 doors in a spine-chilling hotel, where every creak and groan adds to the suspense. Your mission: escape the nightmare without falling prey to the lurking entities. Keep your wits about you as you explore dark rooms, solve puzzles, and search for keys to unlock your path to freedom.

Immerse yourself in the atmospheric horror with spine-tingling sounds that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Encounter terrifying creatures as you make your way through the maze, learning from each death to increase your chances of survival. The world of Doors Craft combines the thrill of horror with the familiar surroundings of a Minecraft-inspired hotel.

Are you up for the challenge? Face your fears, embrace the adrenaline, and play Doors Craft now to experience the ultimate escape from the clutches of the scary hotel!

Movement = WASD.
Interaction = E.
Crouch = C.
Pause = Tab.

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