Dragon Fist 2: Battle For The Blade

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3.3 (6 Reviews)
“Dragon Fist 2: Battle For The Blade” is an engaging 2-player fighting game that brings the thrill of martial arts to your screen. The game revolves around the legendary and powerful weapon known as “The Dragon Blade”. The origin of this weapon is shrouded in mystery, but it’s clear that whoever wields it will possess great power.

In this game, the Dragon Master returns stronger than ever, armed with the Dragon Blade. The objective of the game is to defeat your enemy using the “Battle For Blade” fighting style. The game allows you to execute special strikes by trying different combinations during the game, adding a layer of strategy to the intense action.

“Dragon Fist 2: Battle For The Blade” is more than just a fighting game. It’s a test of speed, strategy, and skill. Whether you’re playing alone or against a friend, this game promises an exciting and challenging experience for all players.

Player 1 Controls
Movement = WASD Keys.
Punch = T.
Kick = Y
Ultimate Move = T + Y.
Player 2 Controls
Movement = Arrow Keys.
Punch = Numpad 4.
Kick = Numpad 5.
Ultimate Move = Numpad 4 + 5.

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