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“Feed Us” is a thrilling action game that immerses players in the role of a hungry piranha in the ocean.

In “Feed Us”, your task is to swim around and eat as much as you can. The game is set under the water, where you encounter different people like swimmers and kayakers who become your food. By eating more, your piranha becomes more powerful. Your goal is to guide the piranha to feed on these unsuspecting humans, growing your piranha into a formidable predator.

The game challenges you to face obstacles like tough boats and dangerous sharks along the way. You’ll only need your mouse to control your piranha. Move your cursor to guide your fish through the water, targeting boats and kayaks. When people fall into the water, quickly move your piranha to start eating and accumulating blood.

You’ll guide your piranha to eat as much as possible and collect a minimum amount of blood required to clear each level. Your main goal is to gather blood by attacking people who have fallen into the water. This blood is crucial because it’s what you use to upgrade your piranha and make it stronger.

Your journey starts with a relatively small and weak piranha. As you eat more people, you collect blood. This blood acts like points, which you can use to upgrade various aspects of your piranha. For example, you can get a bigger jaw to eat faster, stronger scales for better defense or more fins to increase your speed. There’s even an option to increase the number of piranhas under your control!

As you progress through the game, the levels become tougher. You’ll need to collect more blood to pass each level. Sometimes, the game will set additional specific goals, like a minimum number of people you need to eat. You’ll also face more obstacles. These include more resilient boats that are harder to sink and dangerous sharks that can eat your piranha if you’re not careful.

Beware of seaweed and boat motors. Seaweed can slow you down, making it harder to catch your prey. Boat motors are even more dangerous; if you get too close, they can harm your piranha. In some situations, you can use a unique move where your piranha jumps out of the water to knock out humans. This can be a strategic way to catch prey that’s out of reach in the water.

Each level is timed. You’ll see the last few seconds of the countdown on your screen, adding a sense of urgency. You’ll have to start over if you don’t achieve the level’s objective before the time runs out. This means you need to be quick and efficient in your hunting to succeed. Dive in, outsmart obstacles, and become the ocean’s top predator in “Feed Us”!

Movement & Attack = Move Mouse.

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