Feudalism 2

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3.3 (6 Reviews)
Feudalism 2 is a strategy game that combines elements of role-playing games. Your goal in this game is to conquer the world, starting with a character of your choice and a small amount of gold to build your army.

The game is set in an open world with no specific missions. You start small, taking over smaller cities and towns, and gradually work your way up. The market is an essential place to visit at the beginning of the game, where you can purchase units and equipment for your conquests.

Feudalism 2, as the sequel to Feudalism, introduces new features such as the ability to create a custom character, customize horses, and introduces a new playable faction, the South Desert. The game includes various nations like The Great Trade Republic, The Order of Holy Cross, The Forest Lands, The Far East Empire, The Black Horde, and The South Desert.

In the beginning, your main character isn’t very powerful, so it’s important to avoid getting hit too often. The game is a testament to the effectiveness of a little bit of feudalism.

Movement = WASD
Attack = Space
Switch Weapons = Shift
Ultimate Skill = F

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