Freeway Fury 2

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"Freeway Fury 2" is an action-packed, car-hopping arcade game created by Serius Games. In this sequel, you must drive fast, confuse oncoming traffic, hit other cars, and jump between cars to earn points. You can form chains to perform stunts in style and double your earnings. However, you must be careful not to damage your car too much, otherwise, you will die in the explosion. You have a limited amount of lives, so be careful in this chaotic concrete jungle.

Key Features

  • Highway Madness: Navigate through congested highways, avoiding collisions and making daring jumps.

  • Vehicle Hopping: Jump from one vehicle to another, utilizing your acrobatic skills to stay ahead.

  • Fury Mode: Fill up your adrenaline gauge and unleash powerful stunts and vehicle hijacking abilities.

  • Time Pressure: Race against the clock to reach the end of each stretch of highway.

  • Progressive Challenges: Encounter new obstacles and tougher traffic as you advance to higher levels.

The goal of the game is to make your way down the highway before time runs out, experiencing the thrill of defying gravity and taking control of various vehicles on the highway. Can you finish "Freeway Fury 2" without blowing up? That's the challenge!

Steer = Left & Right Arrow Keys
Jump Other Cars = Hold Z and Press Arrow Keys and Release
Use Nitro = Up Arrow Key

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