Friday Night Dashing

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Friday Night Dashing is an exciting game that represents a crossover between the popular games Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) and Geometry Dash. This game offers an extended tracklist that includes Geometrical Dominator, Striker, Infiltration, and At the Speed of Light.


The gameplay of Friday Night Dashing is simple yet engaging. Whether you play in story mode or free play mode, the objective remains the same - hit your notes according to the charts until the end of the song. This is done by pressing arrow keys at the same time as the identical arrow symbols match above Boyfriend (BF). If you press them too late, too early, the wrong ones, or do not press them at all, you miss notes. Missing too many notes in a row can lead to a loss, so precision and timing are key.

Difficulty Levels

Friday Night Dashing offers different difficulty levels to cater to all types of players. You can choose from Easy, Normal, or Hard modes depending on your skill level and familiarity with rhythm games. The bar at the bottom shows your health level - if the green part completely disappears, the round will not end in your favor.


Friday Night Dashing is a fun and challenging game that combines elements of rhythm and reaction games. With its unique gameplay and various difficulty levels, it offers an engaging gaming experience for all players.

WASD / Arrow Keys.

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