Garry's Mod

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4.2 (37 Reviews)
Discover endless possibilities in Garry's Mod, a dynamic physics sandbox enriched with a continually expanding collection of add-ons. Keep your gaming experience fresh as new add-ons are consistently introduced. Unleash your creativity by crafting these add-ons on any map through the intuitive spawn-menu interface, allowing for seamless interaction.

With three engaging game modes—Sandbox, Survival, and Nextbots—Garry's Mod caters to diverse gaming preferences. Immerse yourself in Sandbox mode, where an arsenal of tools empowers you to play and experiment without limitations. Transition to Survival mode for a thrilling experience of fending off zombies, or challenge yourself in Nextbots mode where strategic evasion becomes paramount.

Garry's Mod opens up a realm of imagination and enjoyment, offering players an expansive canvas for creativity and entertainment. Dive into a world where innovation knows no bounds and the thrill of discovery awaits at every turn!

Movement = WASD
Run = Shift
Spawn Menu = Q
Reload = R
Shoot = Left Click
Use Gravity Gun Power = Right Click
Pause = Esc
Select Weapon = 1-5

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