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“” is an engaging online multiplayer FPS game that offers intense battles, great graphics, and a complex shop system for endless fun. In this game, players join forces online to take down enemies using a variety of special weapons and armor. From knives and hand grenades to machine guns and syringes, each weapon adds a unique strategic element to combat. As you navigate through unique environments filled with hidden dangers, you’ll need to outsmart and overpower waves of adversaries. Victories are celebrated with a little dance and the option to send messages to defeated opponents. Choose your team, plan your moves carefully, and dominate the battlefield with superior tactics in “”. This game merges online and offline arenas seamlessly, allowing players to dive into fast-paced matches by hopping into existing rooms or curate their unique battle experience by creating a new online room. “” promises endless fun and a dynamic world to immerse yourself in. Just Have Fun!

Movement: Use the WASD keys or the Arrow keys.
Fire: Use the Left mouse click.
Aim: Use the Right mouse click.
Jump: Use the Space key.
Slide while running: Use the Q key.
Run: Use the Left Shift.
Change weapon: Use 1, 2, 3.
Interact/Pick up a weapon: Use the E or F key.
Throw available grenades: Use the G key.
Use an available medkit: Use the H key.
Chat: Use the T key.
Toggle the cursor lock: Use the L key.
Crouch: Use the C key.
Show the scoreboard: Hold Tab.
Pause: Use the ESC key.

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