Hero 4 Slice Enemies

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In Hero 4 Slice Enemies, you embody unparalleled might and wield massive claws. As the city falls under enemy control, it's up to you to take swift action. Slice through adversaries, shattering their defenses. Confront armored behemoths head-on and hurl them into oblivion with your formidable strength. Utilize your long-range capabilities to rend foes asunder with precision throws. Engage in devastating circular strikes to inflict widespread devastation upon surrounding enemies.

Beware, however, as even injured adversaries remain formidable threats, relentlessly pursuing and attacking you. Be vigilant, for headless foes will roam the battlefield erratically, posing unpredictable challenges. Will you rise as the ultimate hero amidst the chaos, or succumb to the relentless onslaught of enemies? The fate of the city hangs in the balance, awaiting your decisive actions.

WASD = Movement
Mouse Cursor: Look Around
Left Mouse Button: Attack/Throw Enemy
Right Mouse Button: Leap Attack
Mousewheel: Spin Attack

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