Hobo 4 Total War

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4.4 (17 Reviews)
Hobo 4 Total War is an engaging and action-packed game where you take on the role of a hobo who has become public enemy number one and has incurred the wrath of the army. This game is the fourth installment in the popular Hobo franchise.

In this game, our beloved Hobo takes on the whole army. He is a wanted menace and everyone wants him dead. The game introduces soldiers and new weapons like grenades and RPGs, in addition to older weapons from Hobo 3 and Hobo 2. The game also features small ground vehicles and air vehicles as regular enemies.

The plot of the game is quite interesting. Exhausted after the events of Hobo 3, Hobo takes a nice nap under a tree near a city. However, an army man wakes him up using a pistol and points him at a military jeep. Hobo then embarks on a journey where he confronts multiple army men, innocent civilians, thugs, gangsters, and destroys multiple army vehicles. After destroying multiple vehicles and killing multiple civilians, Hobo confronts a tank. After successfully dodging the tank attacks and destroying the tank, Hobo takes another nap under a tree. But then, a UFO lands above him and abducts him.

The game is filled with total war, Hobo style. Players have nothing to lose, so they can use every single one of their disgusting techniques to triumph over the military forces that want a piece of them.

So, prepare for total war, Hobo style! Enjoy the game and have fun!

Movement = Arrow Keys.
Punch = A.
Kick = S.

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