Home Pin 2: Family Adventure

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“Home Pin 2: Family Adventure” is a unique pull pin game with a family storyline. The game revolves around a poor lady who is kicked out of her house by her husband. As a player, you need to help a mom and her little girl survive in an abandoned house through the cold weather by pulling the pin. Your wisdom will be tested as you help them get the matchbox, the charcoal, or collect money to restore the manor.

The game is completely free and suitable for all ages. As you pass levels, you experience different stories and unlock new rooms in the dream manor. The old house is not only full of sweet memories but also hides unknown secrets. Mysteries are waiting for you to explore!

In terms of gameplay, you need to pull the pin bars in the right order to get the matchbox, the charcoal, or gold. Just one small mistake can make the mom and her daughter lose their lives. You can use the money you earn to build a dream home.

The game features an attractive storyline with fantastic characters. It also has an upcoming Christmas event with special prizes. You decide what the manor will look like as you unlock new furniture and rooms in your house. The game is designed to be played anywhere, anytime.

“Home Pin 2: Family Adventure” is the trending pull pin puzzle game with a family storyline. It offers a unique gaming experience that combines puzzle-solving with a compelling family storyline.

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