Imposter 3D Horror

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Imposer 3D Horror is an exciting fusion of the popular Among Us Games and the beloved genre of 3D horror survival. It offers a unique and thrilling experience. Choose your game mode and start playing.

Game Modes:

"Mafia": A game for up to 10 players with an impostor who disguises themselves as one of the players. The impostor can switch to imposter mode anytime to capture others. Players use voting to identify the impostor and declare "Impostor among us!" The goal is to be vigilant and protect all players.

"PvE": Play with friends against a computer-controlled impostor.

"PvP": Spacemen versus impostor, where players can choose to play as impostors.

"Zombie": Infection mode where anyone caught by the impostor becomes an impostor as well.

"Hide and Seek": Mode where players, as astronauts, must hide and survive until the end of the round. Collecting babies in this mode is optional.

Movement = WASD Keys.
Hide / Show Cursor = Tab.
Jump = Space.
Crewmate Controls:
Use = E.
Turn on/off flashlight = F.
Throw batteries (only online) = G.
Use batteries = R.
Imposter Controls:
Shout = R.
Use / Catch Players / Hide in a vent = E.
Mafia Mode Controls:
Turn into an imposter = 2.

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