Jingle Brawl

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Jingle Brawl is a game where your favorite Nickelodeon characters enter the arena to see who's the strongest of them all. The playable characters include Rico, Fanboy, Otis, Timmy, and SpongeBob. Your job is to assist your favorite character and help them win the tournament by achieving victory in each battle.

Game Modes

  1. Tournament Mode: You must participate in five different battles against your Nickelodeon buddies to become the winner. However, you have to defeat each enemy twice to move on to the next stage. As you advance, your opponents will get stronger.

  2. Arcade Mode: Pick the hero of your choice and one opponent. Next, you can also pick the fighting stage and start brawling!

  3. Training Mode: Just pick a hero and get used to his moves by fighting against a punching bag!

Battle Strategy

During the battle, pay attention to your health bar at the top of the screen, and try not to get hit! You can block incoming attacks, so take it slow and watch the enemy's moves before throwing punches. If you rush into battle without a strategy, your health might run out quickly.


Unlock Aang = Airbender
Unlock King Julien =Lemurking
Unlock Training Mode= Practice
Unlock Arcade Mode= Freeplay
Unlock Aang's Stage = Wasteland
Unlock Danny Phantom = Goingghost
Unlock Danny's Stage = Ghosttown

Movement = Arrow Keys
Punch = Z
Kick = X
Superpower = Down + Down + X

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