Just A Regular Game

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Just A Regular Game is a cartoon game that offers a unique blend of fun, adventure, and excitement. It's based on the popular animated series, Regular Show, and features its main characters, Mordecai and Rigby.


The game is divided into three mini-games, each offering a different adventure with Mordecai and Rigby. Players can choose to run from the Moon Monster, throw rocks at the Destroyer of Worlds, or engage in a wrestling match with a wrestler-shaped pillow in their bedroom.

Beef Burrito Showdown

In the first mini-game, Beef Burrito has insulted Rigby's mom, and Rigby is out for revenge. With Mordecai's help, players aim to teach Beef Burrito a lesson. The player drags the trampoline to aim and clicks to drop Rigby. If Rigby reaches Beef Burrito, he wrestles with him to gain points.

Moon Monster Escape

In the second mini-game, Skips has been accidentally sent to the moon by Rigby. Now, Rigby wants to help him escape from the Moon Monster and return home. The player moves the car with their mouse and clicks to jump over holes. Skips' safe return home depends on the player's skill.

Destroyer of Worlds

In the final mini-game, Mordecai and Rigby need to distract the Destroyer of Worlds until help arrives. The player aims and throws rocks at the Destroyer's weak spots. When support arrives, they click to stop the Destroyer’s attacks.

Why Play Just A Regular Game?

Just A Regular Game offers players a chance to step into the world of their favorite characters from A Regular Show. It's more than just a game; it's an adventure that unfolds in three different parts, each filled with fun and excitement. Whether you're running from a monster, throwing rocks at a destroyer, or wrestling with a pillow, you're sure to have an unforgettable gaming experience.

So why wait? Join Mordecai and Rigby on their adventures today! Play Just A Regular Game and save them from the troubles they've gotten into.

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