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Light-Bot is an innovative puzzle game that introduces programming concepts in a fun and engaging way. The game has been played by over 20 million kids and has been used by tens of thousands of teachers worldwide.

What is Light-Bot?

Light-Bot is a puzzle game based on coding. It secretly teaches you programming logic as you play. The game was designed with first-time coders in mind, making it an all-ages friendly platform for learning the basics of programming.

What Can You Learn from Light-Bot?

The game introduces several key programming concepts, including sequencing, overloading, procedures, recursive loops, and conditionals. By solving puzzles in the game, players can learn these concepts in a hands-on and interactive way.

How to Play Light-Bot?

The objective of the game is to guide a robot to a blue platform and turn on the light. Players need to place arrows correctly on the right side of the game screen to control the robot's movements.


Light-Bot offers a unique approach to learning programming. By turning coding into a game, it makes learning fun and accessible for people of all ages. Whether you're a first-time coder or an experienced programmer looking for a new challenge, Light-Bot is worth checking out.

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