Mega Fantasy Avatar Creator

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Mega Fantasy Avatar Creator is a captivating flash game that allows players to create their own fantastical characters.

In this game, players can let their imagination run wild as they design characters from various fantasy races such as noble elves, mischievous demons, or even aquatic creatures. The game offers a wide range of customization options for each part of the character’s face, including the nose, eyes, and mouth. Players can also select the color and shape for the makeup, mustache, beard, and ears, and even add tattoos and face markings.

The hair customization is quite detailed, allowing players to create unique and complex hairstyles. Players can choose a top, a bottom, then add on ponytails, buns, and extras. Each item has one or two customizable shades.

The game also includes a vast selection of fantasy outfits that help define the character’s persona. Players can pick a top, chest armor, a cape, as well as shoulder pads. They can choose from a palette of over 50 colors for their design. Whether the player is thinking of a mage, a mighty knight, or a hunter, they can bring their creation to life!

Accessories play a significant role in this game. Players can choose some fitting jewelry, a headpiece, or a helmet, depending on their character’s background and occupation. They can also select a weapon for their character to hold. The hands are adjustable, adding another layer of customization.

Overall, the Mega Fantasy Avatar Creator game is an exciting and creative platform for players to create their own fantasy heroes. It’s a game that encourages creativity and imagination. Have Fun!

Controls = Left Click

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