Mr. Mine

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Mr. Mine is an idle mining game that offers a unique gaming experience. The game revolves around mining deeper and deeper, gathering resources, and using them for upgrades. It's all about getting rich or dying while mining!


The gameplay of Mr. Mine is simple yet addictive. You start your journey with a humble shovel for digging. As you earn currency, you can upgrade your digging methods, from shovel to jackhammer; drill to nuclear excavator. Beyond that point, upgrades get supernatural, with workers being replaced with aliens and demons!

Quests and Rewards

While mining, you'll eventually reach the underground city where you'll be introduced to new resources and a pyramid where you'll find quests to complete. You'll also encounter treasure chests the further you dig. These chests contain random rewards from small to huge sums of money and resources.


Mr. Mine is available on multiple platforms including web browsers (desktop and mobile), Android, iOS, and Steam.


Whether you're a fan of idle games or just looking for a fun way to pass the time, Mr. Mine offers an engaging and rewarding experience. So why wait? Start your mining adventure today!

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