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Mutazone is an action adventure game that offers a unique gaming experience. In this game, you will have to survive the waves of zombies, mutants and other creatures that come at you. You take control of your own survivor, which you can customise with different clothes, hairstyles, pets and weapons.


Your guns fire automatically, so it’s up to you to walk around the area and attack as many monsters as you can while trying to escape their clutch. You will gain green slime and level up as you mow down your countless foes, similar to other rogue-lite and role-playing games. Once you gather enough goo, you unlock a random power that will change how you play the game.


Choose which power-up you'll receive as it will have consequences. Strategize your hero's development and make sure you only choose the best powers to help you through the night. There are powers like healing, increased attack power, enlarged hit radius, and even exciting weapons like homing missiles and lasers! Make sure you pick up the chests to unlock surprising awards!


Can you survive against the undead hordes in Mutazone? This game offers a unique blend of action, adventure, and strategy, making it a must-play for any gaming enthusiast.

Movement = Arrow Keys.
Select = Left Click.

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