Neon Ghost

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Step into the electrifying world of Neon Ghost, an exhilarating MMORPG set in a dystopian landscape. Assume the role of a cyberpunk mercenary fighting for survival amidst the chaos. With its captivating storyline and a rich array of characters, Neon Ghost offers an immersive experience that's entirely accessible through your web browser, completely free to play. Battle hordes of relentless robots, hone your skills with each level gained, gather a formidable arsenal of weapons and abilities, and carve your name into the annals of legend within the neon-lit streets of Neon Ghost.

Move: Arrow/WASD
Skip: X
Action / Interact: F
Attack: Left mouse/Q
Special Attack: Right mouse/E
Roll and Attack / Dodge: Shift
Look Around: Mouse
Info: V
Upgrades: B
Log: L
Jump: Space
Shop: I

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