One Gun 2: Stickman

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“One Gun 2: Stickman” is a captivating action game that takes you on an exhilarating journey through a world filled with monsters and challenges. The protagonist of the game is a stickman who lived in Stickland with his beloved cat. They spent their time together, even mining bitcoins. However, one day, the cat disappeared, and the stickman realized it was time to take action. He picked up his shotgun and set off on a mission.

The world around the stickman has drastically changed. The green grass has withered, and the surface is covered with fire. A gigantic hellish cauldron appears in the distance, marking the beginning of the stickman’s adventure into these terrifying lands. The stickman bravely moves forward, his shotgun in hand, ready to face whatever comes his way.

The gameplay is incredibly smooth and exciting, offering a variety of tricks and strategies for players to master. The game features random and special skills that will help you overcome the darkness. You’ll explore beautiful locations on multiple levels in a new universe, facing thousands of crazy monsters and cunning, horrible bosses along the way.

In “One Gun 2: Stickman”, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire new weapons and upgrade them to become stronger. The game is not only massively popular but also entertaining, difficult, and addictive. You’ll need to mine for pieces, study weapon handling techniques, and take control of every territory by eliminating waves of enemies. Your goal is to shoot and smash your way past hordes of creatures to rescue your friend.

“One Gun 2: Stickman” is more than just a game; it’s an epic adventure that tests your skills and determination. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Movement = WASD
Jump = Spacebar
Reload = R
Change Weapon = Q

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