Only Up!

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2.9 (28 Reviews)
Only Up! is an immersive 3D action game available on Steam for PC. Developed by the indie game studio SCKR Games, this thrilling adventure takes place in a twisted world where buildings and structures reach dizzying heights. As Jackie, a determined teenager residing in the ghetto, your goal is to escape the gloomy environment by climbing above the clouds.

In Only Up!, the gameplay revolves around strategically utilizing platforms and structures to ascend as high as possible. Unlike traditional puzzle-solving or NPC interactions, the focus lies solely on your climbing prowess. Every step brings tension, as you carefully navigate narrow footholds, making each move count. Falling means restarting from the exact spot, although some shortcuts exist, the climb can be a grueling experience.

Taking inspiration from the challenging nature of Bennett Foddy's "Getting Over It," Only Up! embraces high difficulty and the unforgiving concept of starting from scratch upon failure. While the flowery narration may prove bothersome and the game is filled with frustrating elements, it immerses players in an intense journey of perseverance and triumph.

Movement = WASD Keys.
Pause = P.
Restart = R.
Jump = Space.

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