Oriental Flirting Game

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Oriental Flirting Game is an exciting sequel to the School Flirting game, bringing new adventures in a different setting. This time, the game takes place in a lively Chinese festival filled with colorful scenes and characters. It maintains the playful charm of the original game but adds a fresh, festive twist.

Your role in this game is similar to the first: you’re a schoolgirl trying to win over as many boys as possible. The main difference in this sequel is your traditional Chinese outfit and the festive background, making your quest to charm boys even more thrilling. Your aim is to navigate the festival, use your special skills to attract boys and outshine any rival girls.

Controlling your character is simple and intuitive. Use your mouse to guide the girl through the festival grounds. Move the cursor to the sides of the screen to make her walk or run, depending on how far the cursor is from her. As you explore the festival, you’ll encounter boys and face off against rival girls. When you find a boy, hover your mouse over him until a crosshair appears, then click to shoot your love beam. Keep pressing the button to fill up a heart meter. Once it’s full, the boy falls in love with you and starts following you, leaving a heart for you to collect.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. If a rival girl notices you flirting with a boy, she’ll challenge you to a beam showdown. This is where the game gets really exciting. You must click faster than your rival to win over the boy’s heart. The more rivals are challenging you at the same time, the quicker you must click.

Using the love beam depletes your heart bar, but winning hearts refills it. Be careful, as running out of hearts means the game is over. Also, avoid teachers who can cause you to lose hearts if you bump into them. The game now has a new countdown timer. A green spiral, resembling a mosquito coil, burns slowly at the top of your screen. When it burns out, the game ends, and the boys you’ve charmed are counted for your final score.

Step into a world of festive fun and charming challenges in this delightful sequel. Are you ready to charm your way through the festival and see how many hearts you can win? Let the adventure begin!

Controls = Left Click

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