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Classic Pacman is another fun html5 arcade Pacman game. Pacman is a maze chase arcade game. The player controls Pacman in the maze. All four ghosts have different personalities Blinky red, Pinky pink, Inky cyan and Clyde orange. All four ghosts have different patterns. You’ve got 3 lives if you made contact with a ghost you lost one. If you liked this game check-out Pacman Levels.
When did pacman come out ?
Pacman came out in 1980 July in Japan and released in December 1980 in North America.
How old is Pacman ?
Fun maze game Pacman is 41 years old.

How to play Pac-man?
Move Pacman with Arrow Keys.
Eat all dots to finish level.
Eat energizers to eat blue ghosts.


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