Parkour Block

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Embark on an exciting journey with Parkour Block 3D, a captivating parkour game that offers a thrilling experience across 35 unique levels. Test your skills, conquer each level, and emerge as the champion in this exhilarating parkour challenge!

Conquer the Finish Line:

Your mission in Parkour Block 3D is clear: reach the end of each level. As you progress, the courses become more intricate and challenging, making it increasingly difficult to reach the coveted purple portal at the conclusion of each level.

Overcome the Obstacles:

Leap over a series of platforms that come in various sizes and distances. Fear not, as you can attempt each level multiple times until you achieve mastery. Learn from every retry and adapt your tactics for subsequent runs.

Complete the Game:

Parkour Block 3D boasts an impressive collection of 35 unique levels. As you advance, the game introduces more intricate and puzzling stages, featuring fast-moving platforms where precise timing is crucial to successfully reach the end.

Learn from Failure:

Recall the challenging sections where you faced setbacks to devise improved strategies for your next attempt.

Play with Composure:

Maintain a calm and focused mindset to avoid rushed maneuvers that could hinder your progress.

Release Date:

July 2021


Parkour Block 3D was skillfully crafted by Poly Games.


Enjoy the immersive world of Parkour Block 3D on your web browser, whether you're playing on a desktop or mobile device.

Movement = WASD / Arrow Keys
Jump = Space
Run = Left Shift.
Menu = Esc

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