PowerWash Simulator

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PowerWash Simulator is an engaging home-themed cleaning game that immerses players in a satisfying experience of washing away grime and dirt. The game features nine diverse scenes, including a fence, sculpture, trampoline, pool, robot, fountain, ground, car, and dining table, offering a variety of cleaning challenges.

The game is rich in detail, boasting full 3D effects that enhance the visual appeal and realism. Players can customize their cleaning approach with resizable nozzle sizes and enjoy the freedom to move around each scene at will. Whether you're tidying up a dirty car or scrubbing a muddy trampoline, PowerWash Simulator provides a uniquely enjoyable and relaxing gameplay experience.

Perfect for those who find satisfaction in meticulous cleaning, this game offers everything you need to turn messy spaces into spotless environments. Dive into the world of PowerWash Simulator if you're looking for a fun and rewarding cleaning adventure.

Movement = WASD
Spray / Rotate Camera = Left Click

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