Riders Downhill Racing

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Riders Downhill Racing is an exhilarating bike racing game that offers a thrilling experience for both solo and local multiplayer gameplay.

The game features three engaging modes: Racing Mode, Career Mode, and Free Style Mode. In Racing Mode, players strive to be the first to cross the finish line. Career Mode challenges players to reach the finish line before time runs out. Free Style Mode, on the other hand, allows players to enjoy a super fun ride while collecting diamonds to unlock more items.

Players can fly through ramps, perform stunts, and experience exciting moments in all modes. The game also includes a garage where players can purchase new bikes, costumes, ATV bikes, cross bikes, and even speed boats for more adventurous experiences.

Riders Downhill Racing is not just a game, it’s an adrenaline-fueled adventure that tests your reflexes, precision, and stunt abilities. Are you ready to be the best rider? Let the ride begin!


Player 1:

  • Move: W, A, S, D or ARROW KEYS (1P Mode Only)

  • Jump: Q (Free Style mode only)

  • Parachute: E (Free Style mode only)

  • Switch Vehicle: Tab (Free Style mode only)

  • Nitro: Shift (not available for bike)

  • Change Camera View: C

  • Reset Position: R

Player 2:

  • Move: ARROW KEYS

  • Jump: I (Free Style mode only)

  • Parachute: P (Free Style mode only)

  • Switch Vehicle: Enter (Free Style mode only)

  • Nitro: M (not available for bike)

  • Change Camera View: K

  • Reset Position: U


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