Robot Hero: City Simulator 3D

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“Robot Hero: City Simulator 3D” is an action-packed, immersive game that offers a thrilling gaming experience. The game revolves around a robot hero who starts a new life on the bustling streets of a blocky city. The robot hero runs away from the robot shop when he hears that people want to send him to the dump. He faces all the challenges of life in the big city, including cars that can accidentally knock him down, aggressive dogs, robots, terrorists, and hostile robots.

The game offers a variety of weapons, including a giant hammer, ax, spear, sword, and more. One of the standout features is the bazooka, which the robot uses to complete individual missions. The game also offers a jet pack, allowing the robot to fly over the city.

The game features day and night missions, with each hour offering a chance of being rated. The robot has to be careful not to attract too much attention, as the police and military are always on the lookout.

The game boasts cool 3D low poly graphics and destructible objects. The more destruction the robot causes, the more points it earns. The game also offers character customization and the ability to upgrade the robot.

“Robot Hero: City Simulator 3D” is not just about survival, but also about making a mess, breaking cars, destroying the city, and attacking people. It’s a game that offers endless fun and excitement. Enjoy playing “Robot Hero: City Simulator 3D”!

WASD or Arrow keys: Movement
Left click or Ctrl: Attack
Space bar: Jump or fly with the jetpack
F: Fire bazooka

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