Run 2

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Run 2 is an engaging online platformer game that offers a unique blend of fast-paced gameplay and gravity-defying mechanics. In this game, you take control of a gray alien who constantly runs through different levels. Your primary goal is to navigate across platforms while skillfully avoiding obstacles and gaps in the floor. If you fall off the stage, the level restarts, and you have to try again.

The game introduces a unique gravity system, allowing you to jump onto sideways or even upside-down blocks to progress through the levels. When you touch a wall or ceiling, you “stick” to it, and the gravity flips, enabling you to run on the new surface. This gameplay mechanic is crucial for completing many levels, but there are some surfaces where you can’t stick.

Run 2 offers a variety of challenging levels for players to navigate through. Each level presents different obstacles and gaps in the floor that you must overcome. While playing the game, you can collect bonuses in the form of glowing yellow dots. These bonuses not only serve as collectibles but also unlock bonus levels when enough of them are earned.

By completing all levels for both the Runner and Skater characters and collecting all bonuses, you can unlock the double jump ability. This feature allows you to jump in the air after your initial jump, giving you more freedom and flexibility in gameplay.

Run 2 is unique in that it offers two playable characters from the start: the Runner and the Skater. Each character has their own set of levels, and progress is saved separately for each character. The Runner is slightly slower but more maneuverable and has better sideways movement on the ground. The Skater, on the other hand, is faster and can jump farther but is more challenging to control.


Run 2 is developed by Player_03.

Release Date

March 21, 2011.



Movement = Left & Right Arrow Keys.
Jump = Space.
Pause = P.
Reset = R.

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