Santa Deep Freeze

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“Santa Deep Freeze” is a thrilling action game that tests the player’s skill and agility. In this game, Santa is equipped with a deep freeze zapper to freeze up all the crazy guys. The player moves Santa around various platforms while enjoying some nice Christmas music.

The game is set against time, and the player’s objective is to defeat the enemies in each level before time runs out. The player moves Santa using the arrow keys and uses the space bar to shoot at enemies, turning them into a ball of ice. The player then pushes these ice balls to rupture them, which is the only way to destroy the enemies.

The game also features bonuses on every level, which the player can collect to increase their points. The player’s lives and points are displayed at the top of the screen, along with a timer at the center of the screen. The game offers a fun and challenging experience, making it a great choice for those who enjoy action games.

Remember, the bad guys are ruining Christmas! Help Santa freeze them with his water gun and save Christmas. Enjoy the game!

Move = Arrow Keys.
Use Freeze Weapon = Space.

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