Sift Heads 2

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Sift Heads 2 is an engaging and thrilling game that immerses players in the world of bounty hunting and assassinations. It is the second installment in the popular Sift Heads series, following the adventures of the protagonist, Vinnie.

The game is set in Chicago, USA, and it maintains the core mechanics of its predecessor while introducing new features. Players can now travel to different locations, including a gun shop to purchase weapons, and Ben’s office to receive missions. The game also features a main menu where players can track their progress and funds.

Sift Heads 2 is divided into different stages, each with its unique setting and objectives. The game starts at the den, where players undertake bounty hunting missions. The action then moves to the port, where the missions revolve around stealing cars. The final stage takes players to Jim’s room, where they engage in missions related to drug transactions.

Despite the varied settings and mission types, the ultimate goal remains the same - assassination. Players need to eliminate their targets as quickly and efficiently as possible to progress through the game and unlock new missions. The game’s captivating storyline, combined with its adrenaline-pumping action, makes Sift Heads 2 a must-play for all fans of shooting games.

Enjoy the thrill of being a skilled assassin in Sift Heads 2!

Left-click: Shoot
Arrow keys: Move
Space: Reload

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